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Hail Sagan - Carl Sagan - Cosmos - Adjustable Aluminum Ring - It Came From the Internet

Hail Sagan - Carl Sagan - Cosmos - Adjustable Aluminum Ring

$ 10.00

This "Hail Sagan" aluminum ring is stamped by hand, one letter at a time. A star design is stamped on either side of the phrase. On the end of the cuff is a stamp of a hand tossing up the horns, because Carl Sagan was a badass of the stars and worthy of such rocking praise.

This ring on a 1/4" wide aluminum blank and hand wrapped to fit your size.

Please avoid contact with water to keep the black in the lettering and designs from fading.

Our rings are made out of Pure 1100 Aluminum, which is food safe and does not tarnish. They contain no Zinc or Magnesium which are often found in common aluminum and can cause skin reactions. This also means it doesn't contain the properties of other metals that might tarnish and/or turn your skin green.

Please note that due to the nature of hand stamping, every item varies slightly from the photo.

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